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SEPTEMBER is National Skincare Awareness Month

Skincare Awareness consists of being aware of the largest organ on your body. Pay attention to any changes in your skin. Such as recent blemishes, moles, acne and scars. If any changes in your moles, there could be a case of Melanoma. That is a skin cancer, asymmetrical to the mole raising it about normality.

If you are under care of a Dermatologist it is also important to have regular visits with an Esthetician. This is when you can receive invasive and noninvasive facial services. Estheticians can evaluate skin conditions underneath a magnifying light and give recommendations as well.

It is important to follow Esthetician aftercare regiment due to the skin holding 64% of water in your body. This is why your skin must stay hydrated, by drinking water and keeping your skin clean and free of bacteria. This will reduce the risk of any other skin problems and eliminate Dermatology visits.

With it being Skincare Awareness month I have to remind you that I highly recommend you continue to wear sunscreen year round. Sunscreen reduces skin sun damage, acne and blemishes. Sunscreen is the greatest protection to all skin types.

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Licensed Esthetician Nickisha Burger

Nickisha L. Burger

Licensed Esthetician

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