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welcome to One of a Kind Facial and Lashes. My name is Nickisha L. Burger your magnificent Esthetician. I attended Sheridan Technical Center, located in Hollywood, Florida training in Skincare. I received my license in October of 2015. Skin care has always been a personal interest of mine. My desire to become certified came about once I found the right Esthetician to perform my facials. I fell in love with pampering and really keeping my face free from hyperpigmentation and acne. During my studies I became one of the top students at my school to extract blackheads and perform specialty facial services.


All products used within my business are natural, animal cruelty free and paragon free. I incorporate certain mixtures of products according to my clients skin issues. One of a Kind Facial and Lashes was started March 2017 in South Florida. Subsequently, after completing school my tenor was to focus on being a part-time Solo Esthetician. I have performed over 250 facial services since opening my business.


One of a Kind Facial and Lashes offers multiple services. Including but not limited to skincare, waxing and lashes. We also service males and teens with skin related issues and waxing. Our main focus is Acne and Hyperpigmentation on the face; and intimate area. Clients shall achieve glowing skin by scheduling the appropriate services and following aftercare. Facial services should be scheduled on a monthly basis to maintain a healthy skin journey. Remember, I cannot help you if you do not follow my lead to successful skin.


I, Nickisha L. Burger L.E. am also certified in Brazilian wax, Dermaplane, Microshading, Microneedling, Yoni Care, Fanny Facial, Melasma, Vajacial and Microdermabrasion.

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